Meet The Photographer

Susann had quite the range of experiences growing up! She was a curious and wandering girl growing up in Germany, always exploring and rescuing birds and other small animals. Her family moved to South Africa where they rescued two dogs, and embarked on journey after journey through the plains and deserts of southern Africa. As a young adult she moved to the Austrian Alps and enjoyed the breathtaking views as she studied hotel management. Her love and passion for animals and wildlife persisted and grew through it all. 

Years later, she moved to St. Louis, Missouri, with her husband and they quickly adopted two Australian Shepherds. You will find plenty of pictures here of these two beautiful fur babies, Mavi and Blue! She also volunteers at a wildlife rescue center and works part-time at a local pet boutique where she loves being surrounded by pets and studying pet dietary science. 

Her passion for photography was a natural coalescence with her love of animals to form Dog Tales Photography. It is more than ‘just a picture’ for Susann, but rather an opportunity to capture a moment, a feeling, a love for a lifetime. She strives to create a natural environment for pets and owners alike to feel comfortable and at ease during the time together. She takes great pride and reward in those moments when she shares the finished products with clients and sees the smile in their eyes.